Reviewing Process

of data submitted to Bcl-2-Ome

The core requirements for acceptance of data in Bcl-2-Ome are that the data were published in peer-reviewed journals with sufficient experimental and methodological information to allow a thorough validation. Submissions are reviewed by the hosting institution and members of the Bcl-2 specific FOR2036 consortium, which are the groups of:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brunner, University of Konstanz, Germany Prof. Dr. Markus Morrison (Rehm), University of Stuttgart, Germany Prof. Dr. Andreas Villunger, Biocenter Innsbruck Medical University, Austria Prof. Dr. Thomas Kaufmann, University of Bern, Switzerland Prof. Dr. Christoph Borner, University of Freiburg, Germany Prof. Dr. Georg Häcker, University of Freiburg, Germany Prof. Dr. Ana J. García Sáez, University of Tübingen, Germany PD Dr. Alexander Egle, University Hospital Salzburg, Austria Dr. Miriam Erlacher, University Hospital Freiburg, Germany PD Dr. Philipp Jost, Technical University Munich, Germany

Additional data reviewers can apply for this role by contacting Annika Hantusch.