Running Bcl-2-Ome with Mac OS

This is a description how to run Bcl-2-Ome on using a Mac Operating Systems. This procedure is also described for general purposes on the Apple Support Page.

In short, the file "Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp" is needed. Once it was saved locally on your computer as described in Step 1, Bcl-2-Ome can be started as described in Step 2. The file will then always launch the most up to date version of Bcl-2-Ome that is available on the website.

Step 1: Obtain the file "Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp" that is needed to run Bcl-2-Ome.

Using Safari:

Upon clicking on the Bcl-2-Ome launch image, a file called "Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp" is downloaded. Click on the arrow in the upper right corner of your Safari window to show the download. Next to the name of the downloaded file is a small magnifying glass; click on it to open the location to which the file was downloaded in a Finder window.

After that proceed to Step 2.

Using Firefox:

When clicking on the Bcl-2-Ome launch image, you will be asked if you want to open Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp

Either just directly save the file to a location (e.g. under "Downloads"), or click OK:

When clicking OK your operating system informs you that it cannot open Bcl-2-Ome because it is from an unidentified developer. Click "OK"

Your browser saved the file needed to launch Bcl-2-Ome in your filesystem, e.g. under "Downloads". Open a Finder window and go to the location where the file "Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp" was saved.

Step 2:

With the Finder window open, press the Control (ctrl) key and then click on "Bcl-2-Ome.jnlp". Then click on "Open" in the shortcut menu.

Now click on Open

Click "Run"  to run Bcl-2-Ome